Statement on the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh

6 oktober 2020

The Belgian Christian-Democratic youth parties, JONGCD&V, Jeunes cdH and Junge Mitte, want to express their heartfelt condolences to all affected by the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. We strongly condemn the ongoing acts of violence and call for a return to diplomacy and constructive dialogue to resolve this conflict.
We implore the surrounding regional powers, in particular Turkey, Iran and Russia, to stop interfering in this conflict and call upon the EU and NATO to assist in preventing any attempts to violate ceasefire.
The return to negotiations of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict settlement under the auspices of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs, without preconditions, is urgently needed. A peaceful solution must be reached to end this conflict and to stabilize the situation in the region.
Kevin Maas, President JONGCD&V
Thomas Belligh, International Secretary JONGCD&V
Opaline Meunier, President Jeunes cdH
Martin Marinx, International Secretary Jeunes cdH
Cédric Falter, President Junge Mitte
Nina Klubert, International Secretary Junge Mitte